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Results That Last

With Hausofk9, you get a Certified Dog Trainer with over a decade of experience to teach your pet the behaviors you desire. 

My proven techniques and unique approach have helped dog guardians all across Boulder to Denver enjoy better behaved dogs, and so can you. 

Contact me today to get started!

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Ezra's journey in animal training and behavior began in 2010 when they adopted Honeybear, a sweet pit bull with complex behavior challenges. Their passion for facilitating the human-animal bond through evidence-based methods was ignited as they learned to support Honeybear in living a peaceful life. They have since worked in a variety of animal welfare organizations over 13 years with a focus on cat and dog behavior.

Ezra finds joy in teaching animals and their guardians to navigate and overcome complex behavior and training issues. They are committed to continually expanding their education and training skills to provide expert support for hyperactive, fearful, and anxious animals. Over their career they have completed in-depth education programs diving into topics such as cat behavior, applied animal behavior, behavior analysis, aggressive behavior in dogs, across species training, and low stress veterinary handling. This continuing education includes courses by leading experts in the field such as Michael Shikashio, Sophia Yin DVM, CAAB, MS, the IAABC, Susan Friedman, Ph.D, and Executive Vice President and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training, Ken Ramirez.

Ezra and their spouse share their home with their affectionate Cane Corso, Fern, and three clever rats, Mochi, Boba, and Carob. In their free time, they enjoy video games, hiking, and cuddling with their wonderful pets.

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Professional dog trainer & behavior consultant certified through
The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
Fear Free Certified &  Pet Professional Guild Member


Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by Ethics

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The Hausofk9 Difference

Custom Training Plans

Custom-tailored training for your dog based on their specific needs & history. No general, repetitive training.

Judgement Free Zone

Regardless of your dog's challenges, breed, & history. You & your dog will be treated with respect, empathy, & a pawsitive attitude.

Evidence-Based Training

Up to date, Science-based interventions with studied long-term effectiveness. No force, intimidation, "pack theory", shock, prong, or choke collars are necessary.

Holistic Approach

Plans include emotional, mental, & behavioral dog wellness in partnership with your veterinary & animal care team. Centering addressing the underlying issue creating problem behaviors, no surface level fixes.

Pet Parent Friendly Programs

Easy home tasks & self-paced plans. No more lengthy homework sheets or boring exercises to do every day. The right balance of parent learning & trainer doing their job- training your dog.

Rigorous Professional Standards

Certified & upheld to a professional code of conduct. That means accountability, continued education, standardized operating procedures, academic standardized testing, & code of ethics.


Day Training

The fastest, easiest way to a better behaved dog on a busy schedule.

How it works
I do the training using minimally invasive, scientifically proven methods.
Twice a week I come to you for 1-hour sessions with your dog and send a summary of each session.
You can be running errands, working, or you can join us.
Once every 2 weeks, I show you easy ways to sustain and strengthen your pup's new skills.
The only thing you need to do is implement easy management and enrichment strategies at home.

What I can help with

  • Foundation obedience like sit, come when called, loose leash walking, etc.

  • Puppy issues like house training, biting, and chewing

  • More serious issues like resource guarding and aggression

Training Investment
$200 In-home or Online Consultation
$130 Single Pay As You Go Training Session

$975 for 8 Session Package
A typical program is 2-4 months to reach goals for behavior modification programs

How To Start
Schedule a 90 min consultation at a time convenient for you.
We will discuss in detail your dog's history, behavioral issues, create management strategies, and a training plan you can implement the same day.

What I can help with

  • Foundation Obedience like Stay, Come when Called, Loose Leash Walking, etc.

  • Puppy issues like Potty Training, Biting, and Chewing

  • Cooperative Grooming & Veterinary Procedures like voluntary nail trims, ear cleaning, full body veterinary exam, voluntary medication administration, etc.

  • Reactivity issues like Barking at other dogs on leash

  • Aggression issues like resource guarding food, toys, people, etc.

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Trainer's Pick- Life Skills Program

For dog & human-friendly dogs

Have you ever wondered what a trainer might teach their own dogs? Learn how to manage your dog in any situation like a pro by focusing on a few core versatile trained behaviors. That means less training time for you and an increased understanding of your dog's behavior.

10 sessions, 2 sessions a week. $1,000 each level

Each level is 5 weeks.




Prereqs: Foundations
- Foundations with distractions & distance

- Go to bed
- Drop it
- Husbandry skills: voluntary nail trims, teeth brushing, baths, muzzle

Prereqs: none

- Recall: verbal, visual, whistle
- Down/Stay
- Loose leash walking
- Comfortable crating

Prereqs: Foundations & Intermediate
- Off-leash & distraction prereq skills

- Car manners
- Husbandry skills: voluntary pilling, vet exam, subcutaneous injections, eye/ear drops

At the end of this program you will :

know how to use fewer trained behaviors for the largest yield to manage your dog like an experienced trainer and have a dog who is a pleasure to share a peaceful life with.

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